Friday, November 25, 2011


I am...
A determined saint, persistent sinner.
A husband, an individual.
A father, a son.
A lover of people, learning to love myself.
Grateful I'm not God, sometimes act like I'm God.
Bad at whistling, uncomfortable with yelling.
Happy to rough-house with Zak and Grey, sad that they are at the right height to do serious hurt with a well placed punch.
Healthy, living with AIDS.
Honest, a recovering sex addict.
43 years old, still not dead.
An optimist, realist.
Enjoy a good workout, love naps more.
Very social, need limited solitude.
An occasional flosser, fearful that my dentist will judge me.
A servant, not prone to giving.
A fan of Gungor, frustrated to be 50% deaf.
Afraid of heights, enjoy climbing.
A slow driver, have more tickets than my wife.
An Accord owner (yawn), I have a great appreciation for beautiful car design.
Skilled at loading a dishwasher, suck at wiping down the counters.
Always right, my wife is never wrong.
A Coke snob--McDonalds got their mixture right, I ridicule coffee snobs.
A fan of graphic novels, embarrassed to have just admitted that.
Actually a fan of superheroes, now I'm mortified.
Not a budgeted spender, grateful to have discovered
An iPhone 4S owner, iTunes won't run on my PC--UGH!
Reading the bible on my iPhone, justifying how much time I spend on my iPhone.
Tired of living in a condo, thankful I don't have to mow a yard.
A green thumb, sad I don't have a garden.
Obsessive, focused.
Oriented bisexual, my preference is Natalie.
A civil war, becoming integrated.
Accepting things about myself, changing things about myself.
A victim of bullying as a child, now I'm learning not to bully myself.
Listening to affirmation from others, starting to believe it.
Connected, withdrawn.
Thin or lean, not skinny.
An ectomorph, wish I was a mesomorph, satisfied I'm not an endomorph.
A follower of Christ, God is merciful.
Grateful to commune with other believers, I hate religion.
A man who has f'd up, a soul experiencing grace.
Tempted by darkness, thrive in the light.
Fallible, courageous.
A lover of scripture, often perplexed.
Compassionate to a fault, have a surprising capacity to judge.
An insightful counselor, I don't have a piece of paper to frame on my wall.
A stutterer, a compelling public speaker.
Balanced, chaotic.
Artistic on the computer, loathe pencil and paper.
Athletic, don't enjoy team sports.
Not a fan of athletic shoes, crazy about Chuck Taylor All Stars.
Love the ocean, live in Colorado.
A bit of a geek, not in the cool way.
American, fortunate.
A bleeding heart, politics make my head hurt.
A man who talks too much, one of my closest friends is deaf.
Treasured, ignored.
Unable to grow a beard, I have hair on my feet.
A sci-fi nut, my boys think I'm awesome.
Bragging that I was 6th in my class, there were only 8 seniors.
The student who had the highest ACT score in my school, I didn't study for it.
A twin, I'm taller.
The 3,550,009,380th person alive on earth when I was born, a surprise to my parents--they weren't expecting a twin.
Grateful for life, don't always live like it.
Wounded, healer.
Trusting that God is good, I don't understand God.
Black and white, embracing gray.
Lousy at singing, why do people complain when I lip sync?
Aware that my teeth are crooked, they are cavity free and pretty white.
A food enthusiast, afraid of eggplant.
Always eating, rarely gain weight.
Laid back, freakishly controlling in a crisis.
A procrastinator, work well with deadlines.
The anti-type A, I'll live longer.
Mending the past, hoping for the future.
Discerning, merciful.
Learning more, knowing less.
Unfinished, I am becoming.
Mike, I am good.