Thursday, March 1, 2012

The wisdom of children

Zak--one of our little miracles
This morning, my seven year old son, Zak, proudly stated, "I know how to make a baby!"
My curiosity was peaked, "How do you make a baby?"
He confidently answered, "You marry somebody and then you pray."

There is an amazing amount of truth in his innocence.
As adults, we can be so caught up in trying to control and manipulate our world that we often forget how little control we actually have. We put forth our best efforts, however in many circumstances, we do not possess the power to decide the actual outcomes. As a man living with AIDS I am continually learning that lesson.

Zak has heard the story of his inception many times. "Mommy and Daddy couldn't have a baby. We wanted one so bad, so we prayed and prayed. Finally, God remembered our prayers for a child and gave us you. So we named you Zakariah which means, God has remembered."

Most people know how a baby is made. For us, it took a cup, lab, syringe, doctor and stirrups (Sperm washing). We all made our best efforts but ultimately there was no guarantee it was going to work. After two painful years, on the eleventh try, the miracle of conception happened resulting in an adorable little blond haired boy.

Mommy and Daddy got married and then prayed.
God remembered them; the miracle happened.
A simple lesson.

"Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do." -1 Samual 12:16

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